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Michael Guest’s Home Page


I am a senior at Bramson ORT College, and soon to be graduate of the school of Web Design. I have enjoyed

My years at the College, but am looking forward to joining the world of “real” work and putting to use the knowledge and skills I have gained.


One aspect of my education that I have particularly enjoyed is navigating the Web. Favorite sites that I have found include:


*        New York Times – A site that keeps me informed when I have no time to read the newspaper.

*        Wall Street Journal – Even if I have no money now, I can dream and plan for the day when I will actually have some money to invest.

*        Resident – An invaluable site for information I can use in my job as Resident Assistant.

*        Travelocity – A great site for planning those Spring Break trips, as well as visits home.

* – A comprehensive page for finding out what is happening around the South Florida area.

* – For those precious free moments when I have time to take in a movie.


If you want to contact me, click here to send me an e-mail message.